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Monday Morning and the SWAT Team Come Visiting

English Bastards
The Zigster   14/09/2009 07:19
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Armed British Police
Armed British Police
UK - It's Monday morning and I was just about to go out to work and the SWAT team descend upon my neighbourhood.


Yeah whilst I write this I'm completely clueless as to why the SWAT team have descended upon my neighbourhood all I know is that I've been told to stay in my apartment for the time being.

It ain't like I live in Belfast or Moss-Side; I live in leafy Surrey which is far from gangland, so too have a bunch of blue uniformed individuals with MP5 automatic rifles descend upon where I live is a little unnerving to say the least especially as I'm completely clueless as too why?

These days you see armed police you can't help thinking of Charles de Menzies case and if you think that's being melodramatic then there's my chum Ed Joyce’s best friend who was shot by the police about a year and half ago and like the de Menzies case it is disputed whether the police were justified in doing so.

One of the SWAT guys installed himself right outside the front door of my apartment and so I opened the door to ask him what was going on, he told to get indoors and we'd all be told later. Considering the guy had an automatic rifle and a sidearm I thought better then to press the issue or give any backchat and did as he ordered.

But just it isn't it you do as your ordered if somebody is armed and your not, which is why its extremely dangerous for the police and other agents of the state to be armed but having disarmed citizenry, because a situation such as that enables the state to become tyrannical. There have been countless incidents thorough out history of despotic regimes which have succeeded from such a situation of an armed state and a disarmed citizenry.

I'd like to give the police the benefit of the doubt as to why SWAT had to descend upon my street first thing Monday morning, but I've just had a uniform plod knock on my door and apparently from the sounds of it the couple two doors down have had a bit of a domestic and one has too ask was it necessary to order SWAT in for that. Is it now the policy of the British police to send in SWAT for every crime being committed, geez nobody better be littering the next thing you’d know your going to have a 9mm in your face and the cuffs on you.

To say the British police is unarmed is a lied they're armed to the fucking teeth and as we know with the case of Charles de Menzies they're only too trigger happy. To say we ain't we ain't descending into a police state is just the mindset of ignorance.

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Doesn’t it occur to you that maybe the police had a legitimate reason to send in the armed response unit?

Ziggy the police aren’t just a bunch of trigger happy thugs as you make out there are regulations & procedures which they follow before taking any drastic action.

Lefty Tom 14/09/2009 7:40

Tell that to the parents of Jean Charles de Menezes was a Brazilian national murdered in cold blood by police at Stockwell tube station on the 22 July 2005  in London, England.

The same police who lied to the inquest, and escaped any form of censure.

Dr Suusi Watson 15/09/2009 8:41

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