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Instead Of Killing In The Name, How About Just Killing Simon Cowell!!!

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The Zigster   10/12/2009 21:01
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Yeah give me the bullet and gun & I’ll get the job done as it would be doing a service to music.
Yeah give me the bullet and gun & I’ll get the job done as it would be doing a service to music.
There’s an internet campaign to get folk to buy copies of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing The Name & so it will get to be the Christmas number one ahead of whatever shite Simon Cowell gets the X Factor winner to sing.

We at the Bastard full endorse this campaign though Cowell himself has called the campaign ‘stupid’. No what’s really stupid is that three months of the year Simon Cowell gets a free advert for the Xmas record he puts outs & there are Chavs you lap up the X Factor bullshit & buy his dumb records. What’s stupid is that there are people who are dumb enough to think X Factor will make them a star, when it’s a just money making scheming for Cowell who’ll just use and spit out whoever wins X Factor.

Never mind Killing In the Name, how about just killing Simon Cowell?

Yeah give me the bullet & gun & I’ll get the job done, it would be doing a service to music.

I know some people are going to say geez Ziggy who put you really are a cultural snob.

Yeah I’m the new chief of the culture police, bring me the head of Enya and somebody go lynch Phil Collins please. Oh okay Phil Collins and Enya are least competent with their instruments, just they have in my opinion committed crimes against music. But can somebody make a led salad of Stock, Aitken and Waterman, for all the shite sung by Aussie soap actors back in the late 80s. All the likes of Stock, Aitken and Waterman, and now Simon Cowell basically do is put some talentless nobody on a pedestal, they tell them what to sing, how to dance, what to wear and what to say in interviews; then particularly with Cowell when that individual has served their purpose they get dumped. As say Cowell is a cunt-motherfucker who just uses people & when they’ve fulfilled their purpose & he can get anymore profit from them he discards them & just for that I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, but there’s a great deal more why I despise him & think the music world would be better off if that cunt was dead.

I do find it ironic that the anti Cowell have backed Rage Against The Machine for the Xmas number one as they’re the least corporate bullshit band there’s ever been, but I guess that’s the point.

As well as exploiting stupid people Cowell has helped create a type of throw away plastic & superficial culture which is based on wannabes wanting to be famous. You know there are bands out there, who actually write & perform their own materiel & actually qualify as having talent, just imagine if they got as much exposure as the talentless & stupid fools that Cowell exploits annually, yeah maybe people will go out & buy their records & appreciate people have talent. I know there might be some wondering why can’t there be some sort of indie alternative version to X Factor with bands who write & perform their own materiel & therefore have some talent, err because Cowell is likely to be able exploit them. Cowell needs talentless & stupid Chavs who’ll do anything to be famous, he doesn’t want a bolshie bunch with guitars because they’ll tell him to fuck off when they won’t do as he orders to sell more records.

Its fucking stupid that Cowell gets away with the bullshit he does, its stupid there’s thousands of people oh to willing to allow Cowell to rape them for all they got then discard them, Its sickening that there are chavs who’ll watch, cheer & get involved in the whole fuck awful process. Its fucking ridiculous all this X Factor bullshit gets so much attention because it only fattens Cowell’s wallet & there’s more important things going on in the world like the climate con going in Copenhagen.

Yeah please purchase of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name, though I reckon if it does reach the top of the charts it might be as when the Sex Pistols reached number one, the establishment will rig it so it appears it really didn’t reach number one.

I actually remember when Killing In The Name was first released back in the early 90s I do remember it accidently got played in its entirety on the chart countdown on Radio One.

Well as the chief of the culture police I best be tootling off as I’ve got work to do, Coldplay need to be locked up for being dull.

internet campaign

The Bastard says:

Right on!

Send Simon Cowell to Afghanistan to clear Land Mines, by hand.

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