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B1 Crashes on Landing: Will Ahmadinejad be Blamed?

American Bastards
Dr Suusi Watson   04/04/2008 17:38
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The B1 Lancer
The B1 Lancer
UAE - A US B1 Bomber has crashed on landing at  al-Udeid Air Base, headquarters of all American air operations in the Middle East.

The crew of four was able to evacuate safely, officials said.

The officials said initial reports said the plane crashed at the headquarters of the U.S. military's air operations for the Middle East.

Later a spokesman for the US militery said, "A US Air Force B1 while taxiing after landing at al-Udeid was involved in a ground incident and caught fire at 2110 local time [1810 GMT]"

"The crew evacuated the aircraft and is safe. The fire was contained."
A US defence official, who spoke to the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity said that the bomber had hit something while taxiing.

This crash complements the recent crash of the B1 sister the B2 the most expensive air crash in history. A crash that has resulted in the grounded the entire B2 fleet.

Will this lead to the grounding of the entire B1 Fleet? If so  then the entire air support in Afghanistan will fall to the ageing B52 fleet.

This set back will also make attempts to launch an air war against Iran more difficult. An enterprise made much more difficult by the recent failure of the Iraqi government's attack on the militiamen of Moqtada Sadr, Israel's defeat by Hezbollah in the summer war of 2007 and Israeli failure to crush Hamas in Gaza.

In December 2001, a B-1 crashed while returning from a bombing run over Afghanistan to a British base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia.

It is coming up for the 6th of April, so we at The Bastard expect that Little George will try to find some way of blaming Iran and its president, Mahmūd Ahmadinejād.

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