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David Micro-penis Makes a Complete Ass of Himself in Kiev!

English Bastards
Dr Suusi Watson   28/08/2008 16:22
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British Foreign Secretary David Micro-penis lying about the size of his penis
British Foreign Secretary David Micro-penis lying about the size of his penis
Ukraine - On Wednesday in Kiev British Foreign Secretary David Micro-penis called on the EU and NATO to initiate "hard-headed engagement" with Russia in response to its actions in Georgia.

In a speech in Ukraine's capital, Kiev, he urged them to bolster their allies, re-balance the energy relationship with Russia and defend international law.

It is rather hypocritical to praise Georgia and demonise Russia when it was Georgia that started bombing and shelling Russian peacekeepers. It should also be remembered that the war against Iraq was in defiance of the UN security council.

Today when interviewed by the BBC David Micro-penis has said there was no western "plot" to "encircle" Russia and Britain does not want to launch an "all-out war" with Russia following the country's decision to recognise the two breakaway regions.

The Bastard says:

Dead fucking right the UK does not want to go to war with Russia. All our military resources ate tied up fighting as mercenaries for the United States.

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